Distribution Assistant Apprentice

Sony ATV , London, W1F 9LD

Job title:

Distribution Assistant Apprentice

Employer Name:

Sony ATV

Vacancy Location:

30 Golden Square

London W1F 9LD

About the Apprenticeship :

Sony/ATV Music Publishing is the world’s No. 1 music publishing company. Together with EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV owns or administers around 2.8 million copyrights, including legendary artists such as The Beatles, Queen, Bob Dylan, and Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Stargate, Taylor Swift, Kanye West.

Reporting to the Distribution Manager, you will assist in the coordination, collection, and tracking of data, audio and artwork for their online music delivery and off-line hard drive systems for EMI’s production music business.

The role is perfect for those who love music, have a music production background, are geeks when it comes to data and digital asset collection and storage.

Training will be provided on all systems and processes.

• Manage incoming data, audio and artwork from third-party relating to their global products
• Be responsible for the completing and updating the monthly delivery schedule.
• Maintain an accurate inventory of all assets collected (e.g. audio, artwork data) for all their products
• Organizing, performing and troubleshooting of digital assets that are transferred to local and remote computer systems.
• Communicate clearly to customers as you project manage data delivery
• Coordinate and manage the delivery of data and audio to external partners, vendors and sales agents.
• You will be shown how to build and distribute our hard drive application.
• Embedding audio with data.
• Syncing and checking audio files.
• Maintain audio on both local and cloud server.
• Uploading audio via ftp to cloud server.
• Provide technical support to production music sales teams and agents for the PLAY drives and PLAY website (EMS Rest + Help spot).

Weekly Wage:

£18k p/a

Working Week:

Monday-Friday (9:30-6:00pm)

Future prospects description:

Sony ATV has had several apprentices who have gone into full-time jobs with the company. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship and evaluation by the company’s supervisors, the successful candidate may also be offered a job at the end of the Apprenticeship.


Employer description:

Sony/ATV Music Publishing is the world’s No. 1 music publishing company with a network of 37 offices in 29 cities and 22 countries across the globe.

Its origins date back to 1955 when British-based media businessman and impresario Lew Grade founded Associated Television (ATV). In 1957, ATV acquired Pye Records as a wholly owned subsidiary. ATV Music Publishing was then created to exploit the catalogue of songs written by artists on the Pye Record label and for the themes to Independent Television Corporation and ATV programs.

In 1968, ATV Music Publishing’s acquisitions included Northern Songs, which had been set up five years earlier to look after songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The ATV song catalogue, including Northern Song, was eventually acquired in 1985 by Michael Jackson and was then merged in December 1995 with Sony Music Publishing to form Sony/ATV Music Publishing. In 2012 Sony/ATV led a consortium to acquire EMI Music Publishing, creating the world’s leading music publishing company.

Together with EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV owns or administers around 2.8 million copyrights, including iconic music catalogues such as Leiber & Stoller, Mijac Music, the Jobete catalogue of Motown songs and Famous Music, while songs it publishes include “New York, New York”, “Hey Jude”, “You’ve Got A Friend”, “Every Breath You Take”, “Moon River”, “Billie Jean”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Over The Rainbow”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Singin’ In The Rain”.

It represents the copyrights of legendary artists including The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Carole King, Kraftwerk, Willie Nelson, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, Hank Williams and Stevie Wonder. Its contemporary roster includes Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Stargate, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Headquartered in New York City, Sony/ATV Music Publishing has 30 offices in 23 countries, including Los Angeles, Nashville and London.

Employer website:

Skills required:

• Experience working in a similar audio management role (gained either in a job, voluntary capacity or through your own freelance/independent projects)
• Excellent customer service and communication skills
• Ability to prioritise workload to ensure your responsibilities are met and delivered on a timely basis
• Previous experience with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel including data importing and data matching
• Familiar with audio/artwork file formats.
• Previous experience with File Transfer Protocol clients
• Previous experience with some of the following helpful but not essential: Java, XML, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL Database, Apache (tomcat)
Familiarity with the following is helpful but not essential. A willingness to learn is just as important, so do apply even if you can’t tick some or all the points.

Personal Qualities:

• Good knowledge of music with a background in music production
• Flexible and enthusiastic approach to the way you work
• Self-motivated with good time management skills and an ability to multi-task
• Able to give accurate feedback to our creative teams and talent
• Detail-oriented
• You’ll enjoy managing projects from start to finish and have good project coordination skills
• Ability to work with team members in the UK and our offices in other countries.

Qualifications Required:

Minimum qualifications are English, Maths GSCE’s level A-C or equivalent. However, if you do not have these you will be provided with training.

Graduates can apply but a degree is not necessary nor will it give you an advantage. Common sense, a good attitude, a willingness to learn are just as important than formal qualifications.


Important Other information:

Applicants must be fully committed and ready to complete this apprenticeship

Reality Check:

Do not contact the employer directly; failing to adhere to this will see your application automatically withdrawn.

About the training:

You will be working towards a Level 4 Diploma in Business and Professional Administration. In addition to crucial ‘on the job training’ depending on the qualification selected you may also study the following units:

• Principles of Quality Management
• Analyse and Present Business Data
• Project Management
• Managing Information and Knowledge
• Manage Information systems
• Principles of Marketing

Specific Questions:

1. This role is heavily numeracy/data based and there isn’t always an obvious “best way” of solving problems. Explain to us briefly how you would go about finding your own solutions and what tools you might use to help you do this.

2. Aside from anything that is already mentioned in the job description, please tell us something specific that you think you can bring to this role (in 50 words or less).

Application closes:
3rd February 2020

*Due to the high volume of interest we have in many of our vacancies it is not always possible to respond to every application.